Chill Out

An Antarctic Odyssey

Brian Gaull



Because of my extraordinary experiences as a geophysicist in Antarctica, I decided to record them in a format that may interest a wide readership. Chill Out is my first major work and should attract the interest of those with a yearning for adventure. Although I have deliberately left the scientific explanations at a high school level, the Appendices and Glossary have more detail for science students and scientists.

It is expected to be of interest to Antarctic historians as well, as the story is set in the 1979-1981 time-window. Even though this is only about 30 years ago, the way we lived and communicated with the rest of the world is from a bygone era. Furthermore, I have found from my many discussions and presentations on this subject, it always attracts a high degree of interest.

Finally, it should appeal to those who want an emotive human story, as I have exposed my innermost fears and personal crises experienced at that time. In this way, my intention is to show that scientists are very much human too. It is in this respect that I believe this book is unique.

-Brian Gaull

Akin to Henry David Thoreau’stimeless ‘Walden’ and Jon Krakauer’s compelling depiction of Christopher McCandles’ heart-rending story in ‘Into the Wild’¸ geophysicist Brian Gaull wields a subtle yet fiercely affecting piece of memoir which at equal turns explores the dark, hostile and unknown environment of man’s last frontier--- Antarctica and one’s self, in Chill Out.