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In 1979, geophysicist Big Dee leaves his comfortable family life in suburban Perth, Western Australia, to pursue a lifelong dream to spend a year away to Antarctica as a researcher. He gambles on leaving his loved ones and exposing himself to the rigours of loneliness, deprivation and the extreme cold.

In his quest to survive in this dark and foreign world, Big Dee learns not just about the science he has been sent to do, but also about his fellow men and more importantly, himself. Despite the promises and assurances made between him and his family before he left, his relationship with them has leaned towards going shaky and tenuous. Back at home, his wife struggles with the extra burden of life without him. Attempts to communicate with his much-loved sons have proven to be quite difficult as well. His inner strength, together with the special relationships that unfold, helped him overcome the enormous pain and personal anguish that evolves.

Arresting and unforgettable, Chill Out has the ability to reveal both nature and humanity’s enigmatic facets—the beautiful and the ugly, the calm and the chaotic, and the divine and the infernal. Later on, Big Dee maturely finds solace in his work as a scientist. It is during this time away he sees the full wrath of Mother Nature when he is living in a small tent. But the moment he rises from the blizzards and sees the other side of her beauty and majesty, he feels rewarded. Beneath these triumphs, a gripping relationship awaits back home.

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